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We started this page 3 days after Paige was born so that out of town friends and family could see pictures. Since then it has become Paige’s little piece of the web. You see Paige is special in a lot of ways. One of those ways is that she has Trisomy 21, or Down's Syndrome. If you are interested in our story of discovering that Paige would have Downs, you can check out "Our Story". For more information on Down Syndrome, may I suggest Dr. Len Leshin’s homepage "Down Syndrome: Health Issues". I hope to update the pictures every few months, so check in and check us out. At the bottom of the page you will find links to previous pictures of Paige. Click on the appropriate button or words to go to those pages. Thanks to everyone who has dropped by, we appreciate your words of encouragement and cheer.
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Hi my name is Paige. I was born 10/28/97. I arrived two months early. At birth I tipped the scales at 3 lb.. 15 oz. The only drawback to getting here early was that I had to stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 31 days. On Thanksgiving day I came home.

I am now twelve years old. My favorite thing to do by far is go to dance class. This is my third year taking dance lessons. I took tap the first two years, but I have changed dance studios this year. I now go to class for an hour and it is tap, jazz, ballet and my favorite, Hip Hop. My favorite TV shows are Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana, and Hannah Montana. I also like the High School Musical movies. I enjoy most of the things little girls my age enjoy. I enjoy getting my finger nails and toe nails painted with Mom. I have a Nintindo DS and a Zen MP3 player that has my songs and videos on it. I had braces over this past summer, but I've already gotten them off. I'll get them again when the rest of my teeth come in. I also got my hair cut. It's just about shoulder length. When they cut it was just over ten inches so we donated it to Locks of Love. I like my new haircut, it makes me look like Lilly. You know, Lilly on Hannah Montana. I started 5th grade this year. I read very well, do math addition and subtraction. Mom discovered Math-U-See and it has helped me with my math. I'm getting good at counting coins. I keep telling my Dad I count dollars better, but he's not buying it. This is my third year homeschooling. I LOVE IT! My favorite subject is reading. I read books and teen magazines constantly. I even watch movies with subtitles so I can read the words. I use a pencil to point at the words and follow along. Well got to go Hannah Montana is coming on.

Thanks for stopping by and before you leave, check out my other pictures.

Paige's Picture
Here's my dance picture.
Paige's Picture
I got to meet Ronald McDonald. He's pretty cool.
Paige's Picture
Last Years School picture.
Paige's Picture
We did Christmas cookies and had a great time.

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